Damaged Car Removals

Damaged Car Removals by CJ Scrap Car & Metals Removal
CJ Scrap Car & Metals Removal is an Adelaide specialist in damaged car removals. We operate on a “Cash for Car” system and will accept all models and makes and / or their parts.


Whether you have an old or wrecked Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Mercedes or any other type foreign or domestic car, truck, SUV or other make of vehicle we will accept the vehicle, running or not.
Why a Damage Car Removals Adelaide?
A damaged car can be trouble to get rid of, especially when it is non-operational. You have the cost of advertising, of scheduling appointments and the hassle of negotiating a deal for someone to take it off your hands. If you tow it to a scrap yard, you need to pay for the towing. The longer it sits in your yard, the bigger eyesore it becomes. The entire process to load the car is strenuous in itself, and you still need someplace to take it to.
With CJ Scarp Car & Damaged Car Removals, we handle everything for you and put cash in your pocket.


What You Can Expect When CJs Removes Your Damaged Car


  • Top dollar for your damaged car Adelaide removal. That’s right! We don’t hassle with trying to haggle on price. We offer you top dollar for your damaged car, truck, SUV or any other vehicle the first time.
  • We pay cash for any model: Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Holden, etc.
  • No towing charge. We don’t charge you to come pick up your vehicle, in fact, we pay you for it! We also pick up auto and other vehicle parts.
  • Your car will be recycled and reused as much as possible. CJ Scrap Car, the Car Buyers Adelaide recycles and reuses as many parts and components of the car as possible. Therefore, you don’t have the concern of filling our landfills and pollutants entering our environment.

So How Does it Work?

  1. The process is easy and begins with contacting us for a price for your damaged vehicle. You simply let us know the details and condition of your vehicle, and we will quote you a price. The vehicle doesn’t have to run for us to accept it; in fact, it can be in pieces!
  2. Once we quote you a price, you then decide if you would like to schedule an appointment. We’ll start preparing the paperwork and be on our way. We will require you to provide your proof of ownership and a copy of your photo ID. With that, we then sign the contract, and the deal is good! Your old, damage vehicle Adelaide is in our hands and off your property. It is that simple!


CJ Scrap Car & Metals Removals are Adelaide specialists in car removals. We work closely with the recycle centres and scrap yards to ensure we dispose of your vehicle in the best possible manner and follow the Environment Agency standards to ensure we leave as small of a footprint on Mother Earth as possible. To obtain a top dollar quote on your vehicle, give us a call today.

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