How do the Salvage yards work?

Every country is having a junk yard or salvage yards where they carry the accidental, broken, rusty, junk, scrap or totaled vehicles and dismantle them. They extract the reusable parts and send the rest to recycling departments. It really helps the waste management for the community. If you are in search of Scrap Metal Recyclers in Adelaide, the CJ Scrap cars can help you with everything regarding junk cars.

Automobile graveyards is a great source of less expensive components for automobile manufacturing and repairing needs. They take in wrecked vehicles that are mechanically irreparable. But, these may have some still functioning parts that can be reused. Scrap yards operate differently unlike auto recycling and dumping centres. They buy some non-worthy vehicles and dismantles them into pieces. The reusable parts are pulled out like doors, lights, Windshields, Seats, Trims and accessories, electrical parts, windows, mirrors, etc. After dismantling they are send to warehouses. Also they sell reusable parts right out from the junkyard.

Auto Recycling:
The auto wreckers remove all the toxic fluids, coolants, oil, etc. that can harm the environment. It can be either stored for further use. Then they will remove the oil tanks, battery, tyres and send it for proper recycling units. They sell components based on their condition. Some junkyards keep perfect record of their works and even the available reusable component list. So that they are easily inventible to the customers.

What happens to the non-usable materials? The reusable parts are sorted out and sent to recycling centres. From there, they are crushed and priced depending on their weight. Each component is sent to their respective recycling unit for proper recycling. After recycling these are further used for different purposes or even at manufacturing new car parts. A car contains almost 75% recyclable parts and surveys show that around 12 million cars are sold to salvage yards each year.

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