Where do Recycled Car Bodies End Up?

Automobile is the most recycled among consumer products. Every day recyclers dismantle and recycle huge number of automobiles. They strip a car of all its reusable parts, like the engine, interior pieces, and wheels. And then the car is separated into its primary pieces, like the body, and unusable parts which are recycled in specific methods. Even the core components of a car are recycled and some are reused or manufactured to create new one. CJ Scrap Cars is one of the popular and most preferred Scrap Metal Recyclers in Adelaide. Contact to avail instant services anywhere in Adelaide. Read along to know where these car bodies end up.

Reuse, refurbish or recycle:

After dismantling cars, they are usually separated as the car body and various components of the chassis. All the other components fall into three categories: reuse, refurbish, or recycle. Parts like headlights that can be reused immediately are sold directly. They might not have no noticeable defects.

Refurbishing is almost like recycling. Here the dismantled parts is send to manufacturers, and resold to third party. For e.g., alternator with replaced internal pieces is tested and sold to public. Those parts that cannot be reused or refurbished. Around 75% of the car parts get recycled for their metal contents, leaving only a small margin to go to junk heaps.


Through proper recycling millions of tons of steel and iron are saved from automobiles every year. Around 65% of recycled car parts is steel and iron. Also steel is a type of metal that can be reused numerous times without losing its strength. All the recycled metal has a great impact on the industry. This saves the industrial costs on energy and production, so that less fossil fuels are burned, and it keeps more minerals in the earth. Complete recycling of automobiles ensures safe economy and healthy environment.

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