Reasons for Overheating of Engines in Summer

There are different causes that engines can overheat either because of a common problem with the cooling system or something else. The engine may overheat due to the malfunction of any one part of the cooling system. Check out some common reasons behind the engines overheating so that you may avoid some of them. Contact CJ car removals, one of the popular Car Buyers Adelaide for selling any type of scrap car.


Engine overheat occurs also because of low coolant level or coolant leakage. Also, too much space in the coolant container can cause air to get sucked in and circulated. Air rise in the cooling system can cause an airlock and the engine will start to heat up.


Malfunctions in the radiator fan can also cause engine overheating. In case if the fan is not working, it will not supply adequate air for the engine. In this case, technicians would be necessary as the radiator fan needs to be replaced.


In case if there is a Blockage in the cooling system the coolant will not properly circulate to the radiator. The thermostat might not open properly or some type of mineral deposits in the radiator or a foreign object in the system itself can cause the engine to overheat.


The car may experience a failure with its water pump if it is constructed with a bearing or impeller that is continually turning. If it is worn or broken, it can cause the engine to heat up.


The car may have problems associated with its chains or belts in the engine. Typically, the serpentine or timing belt makes a sound that notifies the car driver that they are torn or damaged. It is important for the belts to be replaced to avoid the problem of overheating in this case.


Some situations can be avoided if you are alert and concentrate on treating your car and its parts more carefully and in a better way.

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