How much would you get for a Scrap car in Adelaide?

Set a price when junking your car and stick to it. Never accept a price with conditions from the scrap car service centres or removalists. CJ Scrap car is one of the popular Scrap Car Removals in Adelaide that offers car removals, car wrecking, etc. Each car removals offers a different price for your junk cars. Here are some features that help you get more out of it.

Get junk car prices from various junkyards as possible before making your decision. Simply enquire them how much a junk car worth is. Lookout for the techniques used by junkyards. Some auto junkyards and removals have been giving a conditional price based on your description. And they’ll inspect the car when they arrive to pick it up. Once they opt to take your junk car, they offer you a much lower figure than before.


Sometimes salvage prices are higher than the scrap prices for cars. If your junk car has reusable parts like an expensive onboard GPS system, an alternator, a starter motor, new tires, or anything else that can be removed and resold, you should be able to get better than scrap steel prices for it. Even if you have valuable components in the car, it won’t be considered while pricing it. All salvage operations involve labour for the scrapyard, and the risk and expense. Don’t expect junkyards to give you the full value of parts they sell. But you can negotiate for at least up to half the value of the easily resold components.


Junk car prices are mainly based on the year, make, model, etc. You get more if your car is in drivable condition. So that you don’t pay for towing in order to bring it to the junkyard. Saving time and trouble is worth some money.

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